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Saying Gid'day with freshness in advertising

Our fresh approach is applied both​ in New Zealand and overseas.

Freshness that enhancers and inspires purchase.  A critical component in direct online sales, which is our specialty. 

We specialise in advertising on television shopping channels where creativity and freshness will be rewarded with outstanding online sales. 

Zilling is a New Zealand company which is reflected in the creative and what better way to communicate this than with the Kiwi phrase "Gid'day.  When you select Zilling, your advertising will be in the New Zealand way.

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Zilling Limited

Member Buy New Zealand Made Organisation 

Member HKTDC 

Ministry of Primary Industries Dairy Export License
Ministry of Primary Industries Approved Exporter

Member Hong Kong New Zealand Business




Say Gid'day to fresh advertising ideas with a New Zealand flavour.

Summer Glow UMF16+ Maunka Honey

 SummerGlow UMF16+ Manuka Honey powerfully supports the body's natural healing process because it has a special unique health-giving antibacterial activity that is naturally present in some strains of New Zealand manuka honey. 

Promoting brands which stand out in the international market. Manuka Honey, Rich famous chocolates

Famous brand biscuits




Fresh milk


Cheese, Yoghurt, Pavlovas​, Meringues
Brandy snaps



Fruit and vegetables

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A tantalizing array of mouth-watering and exciting New Zealand fresh foods.